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Providence's Race to Be Cleveland

Sounds like plans by Governor Raimondo and parking-lot pimp Joe Paolino to move Kennedy Plaza to Allen's Avenue. From Streetsblog:

There’s a big debate happening in Cleveland right now about where buses fit in the city’s newly redesigned Public Square. Mayor Frank Jackson and his local media mouthpiece, the Plain Dealer editorial board, have come down firmly on the side of booting buses off the square, even though it’s the hub for the regional bus system, with about 20,000 transfers daily. 
The redesign has disrupted bus route patterns, slowing down transit trips and making connections much less convenient for bus riders. The bus reroutes also cost the regional transit agency millions of dollars a year, which threatens service throughout the transit system. 
Transit advocates have charged that the mayor’s decision is all about pleasing affluent visitors who don’t want to rub elbows with transit riders when they come to the new park. The mayor’s office has countered by saying that pedestrian safety is the paramount concern — and also, somehow, that allowing buses on the square elevates the threat of terrorism.
Providence, the Cleveland of New England? Is that what we're going for?


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