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Emergency Meeting at Hope High School Draws 1,000

My state representative, Aaron Regunberg, and many, many other people deserve kudos for putting together a gigantic meeting to confront the challenges we face in the coming Trump years.
Mayor Elorza came to the event, and announced a series of broad-reaching proposals about economic justice, and maintaining the safety of the immigrant and people-of-color communities in Providence, and I would like to call readers of this blog to do as much as they can to support the mayor in those goals, and to push him (and your city councilors!) towards accountability on those issues. I expect that Steve Ahlquist at RIFuture will have a more comprehensive list of those proposals than I have here. Please check that out as he posts it.

I would like to reiterate what I said to the mayor, which is that we really need him to more forcefully take on RIDOT in the coming years, because without the progressive counterbalance that Sec. Anthony Foxx has had at the Department of Transportation, RIDOT and other state DOTs are going to be even more emboldened to build additional roads, and ignore or sideline transit, biking, and walking. The 6/10 Connector proposal continues to need additional improvement.

The mayor is not superman. He is a mortal man, and I know he works hard. He will not do those things which we do not demand. Please embolden yourself, because what does not get done in "blue" states in the coming two to four years will certainly not be done anywhere else (And if you are a Trump person-- well, I don't understand you but-- check this out).

RIDOT's plan is awful, and the city's plan needs to improve as well.


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