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Citylab: Remove the 6/10 Connector

From Citylab:
"One of the most dramatic examples of urban freeway removal is in Seoul, South Korea, where a highway that once carried over 160,000 vehicles daily was dismantled in the early 2000s. The highway was built over a river, which was uncovered with the removal of the highway and is now a beautiful park in the heart of Seoul called the Cheonggyecheon. As James Kennedy, one of the founders of Move Together Providence, points out, part of the Cheonggyecheon’s inspiration comes from Waterplace Park, the uncovered river and park in Providence."
Thanks to Norman Garrick for touring the area with me.

Now's a good time to ask Gov. Gina Raimondo to direct her Department of Transportation director, Peter Alviti, to choose the less expensive and more development-friendly boulevard plan over the expensive and destructive highway plan his department currently favors. And reminding Mayor Jorge Elorza that his office needs to return to its ambitious roots and demand more of the state government couldn't hurt either.

When the crazies are in charge of the federal government, all progress must happen at the local level. 


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