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I've been thinking about how to respond more fully to the great disappointment that the "halo" design is for 6/10. I wrote at RI Future that the design is slightly better than the RIDOT plan (which is a very low bar). But I've also been thinking about how we can retake the high ground, and demand more from the city.

This is the song I've always chosen to represent RIDOT's plan: rebuilding the expressway. 
I was thinking about a shortcut I could take.But I was wrong. I made a mistake.

Then there's the Providence plan: the halo. It's a lot like the highway. Why not write something to the tune of Halo, to describe all its deep, disappointing mediocrity?

So here it goes:
Remember those walls I built?
I thought they would tumble down.
But Elorza won't even fight.
He barely even makes a sound. 
The highway lets the cars all in.
It acts like a giant spout.
Trapped in a glut of traffic.
It won't ever let us out. 
This asphalt's a-baking.
The highway's a-snaking.
It's a risk that I'm taking.
Every time I go walking out. 
Everywhere I look around.
I'm surrounded by your embrace.
On three sides there's a halo.
Our city has been defaced. 
Hit me with a ray of sun.
Reflecting on this ugly mar.
Like a needle in the arm.
Because we're addicted to our cars. 
I thought we'd see it fall.
But this don't really look like falling.
Enshrouded by a giant halo.
Why don't you take us to the ground again?
I see a halo halo halo
Halo halo halo
Halo halo
Halo halo




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