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Imagining a South County Bike Network

I lived for a time in Kingston, and I grew to love the William O'Neill Bike Path (which I'm just going to call the South County Bike Path from now on). 

Picture from the internet: South County's bike path.

The best part of the bike path is that it connects a lot of population centers, so I could do all my shopping by using it. I was even more fearless (read, younger) then, so I found the last-mile connections to be mostly pretty acceptable. But for most people, the last-mile is a challenge. I put some time into imagining a fuller network of bike lanes-- I assume most of them would be protected bike lanes-- as a means of fixing that problem. I also suggested using "filtered permeability" in places, so here's a link to what that means.

I imagined a whole network, but I would focus early efforts on population centers and places near schools. Wakefield, Peacedale, URI, and Narragansett Pier are the big population centers of S. Kingstown. The protected bike lanes to Point Judith and other further-flung places may actually be really easy to do, though, because those roads are really wide, and would just need something physically demarcating the shoulder as the bikeway.


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