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Because I'm sure that Mayor Elorza's administration must not be ignoring snow-shoveling violations the way that the Taveras Administration seemed to do, the city must be floating in fine moneys from properties that refuse to clear their sidewalks (and especially the ones that clear their parking lots and dump the snow on the sidewalk).


That must mean there's a "pants fund" for people who slip on the unshoveled walks and rip their pants, right? You know, for the people who can't afford a car, and for whom buying a new pair of pants is. . . kinda' stressful?

I'm sure.

Because we always hear politicians talk about how drivers are doing damage to their cars with potholes, even though only 50% of U.S. road funds come from user fees. And of course, more than half of our road funds go to expanding roads instead of taking care of existing ones, so I'm sure that's part of the math too. 

I'm sure. Everyone is very aware of this. Always a part of the conversation.

So, I pay my payroll tax towards someone's highway, so that they can complain when the road that has potholes in it ruins their suspension. So surely there must be a pants fund for me too, right?


I'm sure the city will be willing to produce receipts of its fine efforts to show that it's serious on this issue, and not just hashtagging it for press relations purposes.

Because some of us need to pay for pants.


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