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Pahhhking: The Two New Yawkers Couldn't Be More Different.

We reported on Bernie Sanders' parking spot. Now let's learn about Donald Trump's.

If you didn't catch the brick-throwing smackdown that was the most recent Republican debate, then you might not know about this gem (above). Jeb Bush attacks Trump for using eminant domain against an old lady, while Trump retorts that without eminant domain, the Keystone XL Pipeline would never be possible.

As part of Trump's Atlantic City casino business, he attempted to use eminant domain to take the house of an elderly woman for a parking lot. FactCheck.org finds that in the end the house was not taken, but that the Trump casino consortium made every effort to use eminant domain for parking. 

Again, for review, Sanders:

Couldn't be a bigger contrast.

No information has come forward about any of the other candidates' personal experience with that most-favorite-of-issues, pahhhking, but if Transport Providence comes across any news, we'll share it right here.


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