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"If You Don't Have a Seatbelt. . . "

". . . you better get one."

Yep, because all the traffic's gonna' be moving fast. And you're gonna' be behind the wheel an awful lot.

Just for all you kids out there who are enamored by the "moderate" message of John Kasich, let's remember his signature transportation proposal: adding a new highway to Cleveland, a city that already has too many highways. And--of course--promising economic growth by tearing down an urban neighborhood. Nothing like adding roads to a shrinking city to build success!

John Kasich may be a nice man, but his policies are still crazy. And the only thing more dangerous than a crazy and offensive many is a crazy and well-spoken one.

Sorry, Cleveland. I've never visited your great city, and this hurts me more than it'll hurt you. But I'm doing it. For the good of the country! 

Full coverage from Streetsblog's Angie Schmitt (a Cleveland native).


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