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Bernie Sanders Offers Up His Parking Spot

Hashtag: #Swoon

At a 1991 Congressional roast, the moderator makes fun of Sanders, ending his remarks with a question: If Sanders cares so much about the ill-gotten gains of the wealthy, will he share his reserved Congressional parking space?

Sanders doesn't miss a beat. After some brief self-deprecating comments on Congressional pay rates, Sanders declares sharing a parking space as the "conservative" option:
All of us who are politicians hold the sacred right of totally ignoring the question and answering it in any way that we want to [laughter]. . .
 . . . The question was asked of me about sharing--sharing a parking space--and that's much too conservative a statement. I'm going to be bolder than that statement. And I'm going to announce tonight, before this illustrious and important audience, that I will do more than share my space. What I intend to do, at the right moment, and the appropriate moment, is to give up my space totally. . .
. . . When the United States Congress begins the process of breaking our dependency on the automobile, when we put billions of dollars into public transportation rather than to highways and to roads. . . when that happens, I am prepared, unequivocally, to say before you, that I will give up my space.
True to his word, Sanders notably walks to work (from Reddit):

I think this answers (answahhhs?) some questions that Angie Schmitt and I have both raised about Sanders' transportation priorities.

Feel the motherfucking Bern. ;-) Anyone that puts transit before roads and pahhhking has my vote.


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