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No Demolitions for Parking

Please contact Brown University and ask the administration to call off plans to demolish six perfectly good homes for a parking lot.

I had been aware that some houses were slated for demolition along this area (they're fenced right now) but was not aware until recently that the demolitions were for surface parking. A source at Brown University brought this to my attention.

Brown credits itself for being green. We have too much parking in the neighborhood. We need to be working to eliminate some. Adding more parking is like adding stagnant pools of water to the neighborhood in an effort to rid ourselves of mosquitos.

Removing housing will also make housing in the area more scarce, and thus more expensive. I fully support knocking a house down from time to time to add a larger building, with more housing, or more business. We should not allow Brown to demolish homes just to add asphalt to the neighborhood.


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