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Auld Lang Syne

May auld acquaintance be forgot. . . 
My friend on the right, Justin Katz, who I almost never agree with, has nonetheless shown remarkable grace in twice allowing me to publish Transport Providence articles questioning the narrative being put forward about proposed RhodeWorks tolls and the 6/10 Connector.

Justin has been making Christmas and New Year's songs about the tolls, and I couldn't help but jump in. You too can put up your Auld Lang Syne for the year 2016 (just tweet it at @transportpvd). Here are mine:

Justin also went on a Carol of the Bells spree earlier this morning. My responses to his #CaroloftheTolls posts:

Remember: let your state rep. and state senator know that the trucking industry should pay its own way. And tell them it's important for us to revisit the bad decisions we made around urban highways.


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