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Always Read the Comments

Many people, in many places, know that the comments section of their local newspaper is not a place for wisdom. The perception that one should "never read the comments" is self-reinforcing, because even if you have a really valid thing to say about an article, and a respectful way to go about saying it, the fact that you yourself are now a commenter and thus part of the sea of "those people in the comments section" is a daunting thing to overcome (and as someone who often overcomes that feeling of aversion to post comments to articles, I can tell you that it is daunting nonetheless). 

But we decided to give a strong push in the other direction, asking people to show their support for the 6/10 boulevard specifically by sullying themselves as the hated commenters. The results, in one afternoon and evening, are at The Projo site. Here are a few of the "Always Read the Comments" comments:

Check out more comments at The Projo. Who knew? You should #AlwaysReadTheComments.


P.S., Here are our requested "rules". 

1. Please be polite, and informative.
2. Please do not find a comment you disagree with and start a comment war. Stick to making your own individual comment.
3. Please re-read rules 1 & 2 if in doubt.

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