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Moving Together PVD

The sign of the "Artist Formerly Known as Prince" is about as sensible as the 6/10 Connector (it even looks like a highway interchange!). Maybe we can build something more fiscally and environmentally sustainable. ;-)
You may have caught this on Twitter, but the stroad formerly known as the 6/10 Boulevard, now has its own website as "Moving Together PVD". We hope you'll check it out. It lays out the arguments for why we should cease to have the 6/10 Connector as an urban highway, and should instead build a multimodal boulevard in its place.

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  1. I enthusiastically commend those trying to replace the 6/10 connector with a boulevard, and hope those with expertise in design or planning will try to help flesh it out, especially at the eastern end where Dean St and I-95 connect and RIDOT wants to spend big bucks widening I-95 north.

    I would be cautious about bus rapid transit on 6/10 where relatively few buses go, on average only about one every 12 minutes, even far less on the Route 6 section where few live. Some feel this is an attempt to raid Federal transit funds to pay for a highway project. We do have many other needs for transit funds such as improving commuter rail (for example with a Pawtucket station that would connect that city to the Boston market and provide express service there from Providence and TF Green, something that RIPTA doesn't do) or speeding up ALL key bus routes with expanded signal priority. A 6/10 BRT isn't even on RIPTA's wish list in their strategic plan.