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Update: Mayor Elorza's Position on a Veto

It's not huge news, I'm afraid, but it's news.

Brett Smiley contacted me today to say that Mayor Elorza's administration continues to watch the unfolding legislative situation with Councilwoman Ryan's exclusionary zoning provision in zones 1 and 1A. If you've been reading about this, you may already know that the measure proposes allowing no more than three persons who are college students to cohabitate in those zones, even though many of the homes have more than three bedrooms.
Single-family only is an ugly policy, and must be stopped. Single-family only
with occupancy limits is even worse.

No news is good news, but not that good.

It's good to see that the mayor's staff considers it important, even on Labor Day, to write me personally to follow up on this issue, because it means that there's at least enough political tension on the issue that the administration isn't going to ignore us. But the fact remains that the mayor has not yet made a decision.

Call or email the mayor, and put this up on Facebook and Twitter.

The idea of zones 1 and 1A is itself offensive. These zones are designated for single-family homes only. These zones also have minimum lot sizes: for 1A the minimum lot size is quite large: 7,500 square feet (this is basically the designation for mansion districts within the city). A person who owned a home or a plot of land in this area could not build on a corner of the land that was undeveloped, even to add another single-family home, if that building reduced the lot size. Adding apartments, rowhouses, twins, duplexes, triple-deckers and whatnot would all be disallowed.

Ryan's proposal takes an offensive designation--single-family only--and makes it worse by putting sharp regulations on the number of people who can live in those types of buildings. Tell the mayor and your city councilperson that this is unacceptable in our city.


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