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Day of the Dead: A Call for Submissions

This event has been postponed until spring. Please join us for one of our preparation days.

Celebrate All Saints Day/Day of the Dead!

On November 1st, Transport Providence and local marching band Extraordinary Rendition will be co-organizing an All Saints Day/Dia de los Muertos funeral march for the 6/10 Connector. If you've been following, you may know that talks with RIDOT and Providence City Hall have already proceeded for some months, and RIDOT has said it is not financially interested in replacing the highway with another highway, but will instead pursue some kind of boulevard. There's still a lot of organizing to do to make sure that that boulevard is people-oriented instead of just another stroad. This is an open call for submissions of moveable art, puppets, music, dancing, or any other creative endeavors to help the march. We want to build community excitement around the idea of a new Providence that values non-car transportation options.

The march will start at 12 noon at the Statehouse, and proceed behind the mall and along Harris Avenue to Olneyville Square. It will take the style of a New Orleans funeral march. 

Tag line: "We'll miss you, 6/10. Um, but not that much."


Venga Celebrar El Día de los Muertos!

1 Noviembre, el blog Transport Providence y el grupo musical "Extraordinary Rendition" va a organizar una camina funeral por la autopista "6/10 Connector". Quizás usted ha visto, un discurso entre el Departimiento de Transportación del Estado Rhode Island (RIDOT), la ciudad de Providence, y la communidad ha resultado en una decisión que la autopista se convertirse en un tipo de bulevar. Hay muchos activismo para crear un bulevar que es orientado a communidades y el ambiente en vez de el traffico, entonces la lucha no ha finido. Pedimos presentaciones de la communidad (la arte, las marionetas, la música, los baille, y otros) para la camina. Queremos crear entusiasmo entre la communidad para la idea de un nuevo Providence que valora opciones de transportación en vez de conducir alrededor.

La camina comenzará al mediodía de 1 Noviembre 2015 al Statehouse, y continuará a Olneyville via Harris Avenue. Este es una obra en el estilo de una camina funeral de New Orleans.

Nuestra consigna: Te echarámos de menos, 6/10, pero no mucho.

P.S. If you speak better Spanish than I do, then correct any grammatical errors or spelling errors you see. I do apologize in advance to speakers of Spanish for probably butchering your beautiful language, but I'm trying to make an increased effort to reach out to the entire community instead of just my (probably?) largely English-speaking readership.

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  1. I have no artistic talent whatsoever, but will plan to be there with proverbial bells on!