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6/10 Connections, Instead of a 6/10 Connector.

Here's a map imagining the additional connections by transit, bike, foot, and car that could exist with a 6/10 Boulevard.

Here's my legend:

Green equals park space, bike space, or pedestrian space. 
Purple is driving space.
Red is transit space.
Yellow polygons are places I think have additional development potential (although I could have put a lot more).
I used sky blue for the river to represent where Waterfire West could happen.

Intense colors indicate things that already exist (although I may have made changes to them--you'll note, for instance, that some "purple" areas are currently roads, but become something else, and are thus demarcated as what they are rather than what they'll be in the color scheme) while pastels indicate things that don't exist yet at all. I marked the current streetcar path as a dark red rather than a pink even though it's not built, because it's considered a sure thing.

You can look it over in detail, with labels and all here.


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