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UNITE-HERE 217 Endorses 6/10 Boulevard

June 2, 2015

Dear Chairman and Honorable Members of the Finance Committee,

I write to you on behalf of our approximately 1,300 members who live and work in Rhode Island.

Many of our members rely on RIPTA to transport them to and from work.  Specifically many of our members live in Providence, especially South Providence, and work downtown.  As RIPTA services improve, we expect more and more members to ride public transportation instead of parking downtown.  This benefits all of us in many different ways.  RIPTA is an asset that we should be continually improving to the benefit of both urban and suburban Rhode Island communities.

I urge you to support policy that increases RIPTA usage in dense, urban areas. The proposal for a surface boulevard in place of a highway would allow increased housing development, better bicycle and pedestrian amenities, and cost less than a highway would. All of these are factors that explain our support for rethinking the design of the 6/10 Connector.

We look forward to talking more with state and city officials working on this project.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jenna Karlin

Vice President and RI Director


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