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Projo: Why You Should Love Parking Meters

Good piece by John Hill in The Projo today about parking policy. Check it out:
 "Pretending that it is has been one of the most harmful things that American planners have ever done,” said James Kennedy, who runs the blog Transport Providence, which tracks transit policy and issues in Rhode Island. “Drivers should welcome parking meters because they make it possible to find a parking spot without having to demolish more buildings for parking lots.”
Some business people in the targeted areas agree. 
Jennifer Kandarian, manager of Books on the Square, said sometimes workers in the area will park in spaces in front of their places of employment and customers drive by while there are empty spaces on side streets not far away. 
“If you’re willing to walk two blocks, I could park an 18-wheeler,” she said.
I hope when Mayor Elorza gets the sharp end of my complaints, he also knows I'm out there taking his back flank on issues he's doing the right thing about.

Good job to the mayor, for making the tough decisions that are right for the city.


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