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Part 1: Mark Baumer Reflection: Impounding Vehicles & Immigrant Rights

This is part of a multi-part reflection I've been doing following the death of my friend, Mark Baumer . There's nothing graphic i...

Drum Roll Please. . .

Many people helped financially support Central Falls Bike-to-School Day, and now is the time to choose the winners from our raffle. I will make a strong attempt to contact donors, but please email me (transportprovidence@gmail.com) or direct tweet me (@transportpvd) if you have won something and would like to claim it. The donation program does not necessarily give me your email contacts, but I presume many of the people who gave to this follow me on Twitter, and so I'll try to search for you.

Largest Donation Over $150

We had no donations over $150, so the $100 gift card to Dash Bicycles will be retained for a future fundraiser. 

$1 Ante to Win $100 from Frog & Toad Store

The $100 prize was won by Paul Follett. Thank you Paul, for your donation. Honorable mention also goes to Pawtucket Citizen Development Corporation and Nancy T. Whit, who also gave $100.

$50 to Cluck!

Thank you Car-Free PVD, you most mysterious presence, you!

$25 to Garden Grille 

Won by Nancy T. Whit. Thank you!

Cleverhoods Rain Fenders, Each a $20 Value

There were five of the rain fenders: they go to Karen Krinsky of Like No Udder, Steven Kahan, Barry Schiller, Patricia Hinkley, and Aron Griffis. Thank you for your donations.

Herbal Tea from Radia Herbs

Made right in Providence, there were three of those: they go to Jonathan Harris, Jeffrey Leary, and Tim Blankenship. Thanks!


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