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Don't Mess with Rhode Island Either

I am a northeasterner, born and bred, and if there's one thing that gets under my chauvinistic skin, it's other parts of the country getting ahead of us.

Texans are pushing hard to remove an ugly urban highway from Dallas, led by Walkable DFW, a blog run by Patrick Kennedy (no relation).

Our reader Barry Schiller, formerly of RIPTA's board and a long-time activist for many causes, informs us that RIDOT is expected to keep one of our highway blights, the 6/10 Connector, which will cost $500 Million to fix--the same as the entire TIGER grant program's cost for the entire United States.

Says Schiller:
I keep raising the idea of reducing Route 6/10 at every opportunity but it seems the new RIDOT [director] has the opposite idea (adding a bus lane to get FTA funding).

The 6/10 Connector cuts neighborhood from neighborhood, leaving its worst mark in Olneyville--one of the poorest sections of the city where almost half of residents do not have access to a car, and another quarter have access to only one car. Bus lanes on a highway are the wrong idea, because the bus doesn't belong there, it belongs on urban streets. 

Please attend the meeting at the Statehouse, and stop this green-washing:

 Today at the State House, around 4:30pm in Room 35

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