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Three Cool Videos

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It's amazing how long we've known what to do, and yet we haven't necessarily done it. Here are a triplet of cool videos I came across--two oldies, and one new one.

Video #1 was made by General Motors (!) back in the 1960s. It's a great explanation of how space in cities is best used when we consider transit as a central piece of the equation. Thanks @sandypsj from Albany, New York for this!

Video #2 is a fun artsy cartoon piece imagining our world if it were viewed by Martians. What role do we give our cars? (Sorry, I forget who I pinched this from...)

Video #3 is a new one, and extra fun if you want to work on your Spanish (I like that it says "Menos cajones, mas ciudad", because I was under the impression that "cajones" was kind of like "balls" or "guts" or "backbone"--I like the unintentional double-entendre that perhaps if we're less focused on cars and parking, we'll also be less macho). Thanks to Streetsblog and the Reinventing Parking blog.

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  1. One thing I will say as an addendum is that the park-and-ride and expressway aspects of how GM presumes buses should be used are pretty outdated. But it's amazing to hear great analysis of the price of parking, the huge space taken up by cars vs. full buses, and the need for dedicated bus lanes.