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Gina Raimondo on Bikes

This isn't really a post, per se, but a stub of a post. Has anyone at all heard anything substantive come out of the governor about bikes or transit? 

We had this during the campaign:

What's funny is that I didn't really pay attention to this commercial when Raimondo was running, but now that I'm watching it, I wonder how many eight year olds go down Westminster Street on their bikes. . . 

I'd like it if people started a conversation on how to change this.

In Connecticut, meanwhile. . . 



  1. I have seen zero kids on bikes on Westminster & Point St Bridge. Also, there are not nearly enough cars on those finely paved roads. This ad is incredibly amusing.

  2. I haven't heard of any activity about bikes from the Governor's Office either. I attended the Peter Aviti (new RIDOT Director) confirmation hearing. In his prepared remarks he noted the need for better intermodal connections but I didn't hear anything directly about bikes. Upon questioning, he made a strong commitment to highway safety and in response to a question about RIPTA he indicated interest in "rapid transit" when the Route 6/10 highway is redone. Apparently the idea is to add a bus lane to the highway that would speed up buses and maybe make the project eligibile for Federal Transit Administration funding. RIDOT (and RIPTA) have a budget hearing before House Finance on Thurs May 7 so we should learn more then.
    Barry Schiller