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Central Falls Bike-to-School Update!

We've Met Our First Fundraising Goal!
The principal of Calcutt M.S. is really leading on Bike-to-School Day--agreeing to bike that day from East Providence, and agreeing to pay for the entire breakfast portion of the fundraising. So all funds raised on Indiegogo will now go to our safe-routes-to-school goals. Please donate.

All Funds Raised Go to Making Central Falls Bike-Friendly!
As part of making Central Falls a more bikeable place, 1/3 of funds raised will go to adequate bike racks for the middle school's playground, and 2/3 towards protected bike lanes as Central Falls adds them. 

How can adequate bike safety improve the lives of children? This is what a school is Assen, Netherlands looks like. UNICEF places the Netherlands in the highest ranks of countries well-suited to children because of the independence and safety that the country's design offers them. Other cycling leaders like Sweden, Finland, and Denmark also top the list.

Neighborhoods in the Netherlands that once struggled have been transformed by biking. This is from Der Pijp, which in the 1970s was a really rough and dispiriting place to live as a child. 

This is the same neighborhood today:

Central Falls is on its way to offering safe and equitable transportation to its students. Help support Central Falls Bike-to-School Day and donate.




  1. The new leadership in Central Falls (also supporting the proposed rail station and extension of the Blackstone Bikeway) is to be commended for their progressive transportation policies. I will contribute a little for this project and hope others do too to show appreciation of the bike community.
    Barry Schiller

  2. Thanks, Barry! I also got your email asking for where checks can be sent. People who wish to donate but don't want to do so online can send a check to:

    Calcutt Middle School
    c/o James Kennedy
    112 Washington Street
    Central Falls, RI 02863

    Please make checks out to James Kennedy with memo of "CF bikes".

    Tax ID #s for the School District will be available for those who want it by contacting me (the secretary should be sending me that early this week).