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RI Future is a more established blog than my own, and deals with a wider range of topics. I presume it has better overall readership than mine, but I'm also often surprised at the trout-faced expression friends sometimes give me when I tell them I've written something there. I think perhaps the readership in urbanist circles doesn't overlap very well with the readership of progressive blogs.

In any case, I've had two things up there recently that I thought pushed some pretty big thoughts, and got underwhelming comments and feedback. I'd love to see more of a discussion:

On gentrification, poverty, and transportation:

"Gentrification, which I will define here as the displacement of poor people from a neighborhood when wealthier people move in, mostly doesn’t exist. . . [but] poverty remains a serious, wrenching problem that should actively confronted by government."

On drunk driving and prisons:

"Atty. Gen. Kilmartn’s recent proposal that vehicular homicide should bring a minimum 30-year sentence strikes me as a bad idea. . . The state should make it illegal to operate a bar in a driver-dominated location. I hope that Rhode Island MADD will join the call to fix this design problem. . ." 
Our friends at Eco RI News should also be on your radar if they're not. 

I've recently submitted an open letter to the Downtown Design Review Committee calling for a #NoNewParking policy in Providence. I'm aware that it's also been shared with city officials Bonnie Nickerson and Bob Azar. It's similar in form and content to the article I wrote on the need for a different parking policy, but I'd love for people to share it around, comment on it, and follow up with their elected officials to let them know how important a different direction on parking policy is.

"Cities are about people and buildings, not cars. . . "

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