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#SlowSnowPVD Videos from Pawtucket

The Dexter St. bridge, one of many that RIDOT ignores. 
I took some videos this morning. I hope to follow up at the same intersections tomorrow, if possible, when conditions are different. This is what the walk from Goff & Dexter in Pawtucket looks like going north into Central Falls.

*You can see that there are a lot of pedestrians that need to get around.

*In these video takes, you'll see that pedestrians having to walk up Dexter in the street move alongside cars at relatively safe speeds (when I'm videoing, I'm off to the side on the sidewalk, but I walk the same way). 

*By tomorrow or the next day, the sidewalks (including the ones on public property controlled by RIDOT and Pawtucket) will be still covered in snow, but the street will be in condition enough to allow drivers to push their speeds higher. 


This shows the level of clearance on the streets--these streets are perfectly safe to drive on, but the tiny bit of snow left slows drivers down. More snow is on the driveway to the side, slowing down vehicles even more. These vehicles are able to keep a 15-20 mph speed going up and down the street, which is exactly what they should be doing.


Submit a before-and-after video of your #SlowSnowPVD street, showing appropriate speeds before and speeding afterwards. We'll give you a shout-out on Twitter.

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