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#SlowSnowPVD Submission

A reader in Pawtucket sent this video of what I think is Pine & Goff Streets Main & Grenville Sts. That street falls under the criteria of what we call a #SlowSnowPVD street:

*It's not a steep grade*.
*It's not a highway or country road.


The video is especially interesting because one side of the street is more cleared than the other, and there seems to be a corresponding difference in the speed of drivers.

I maintain that on streets of this kind, a little snow makes the street safer.

The sidewalks in this area are not clear. As we get more snow in the coming day/night, the driver behavior on this street and others is likely going to become temporarily more considerate. Even as some property owners shirk their duty to clear sidewalks, walking will temporarily become a safer activity. Because, although it sucks to be forced into the road, so long as drivers are in that 15-20 mph range, walking right beside them is safe and relatively comfortable. But shortly afterwards, the road will be cleared to bare asphalt, and drivers will resume doing what they do on overly wide city streets like those in Pawtucket and Providence--they'll speed.

The combination between unclear sidewalks and uber-clear streets is a deadly one.


*I've been noting conditions on my street, which is Doyle. Doyle is a hill, although not the steepest hill around. I have mixed feelings about hills like Doyle, which I've observed better driving behavior on with snowy conditions than after full salting. I would say that we can't totally predict what the combination of thawing and freezing might do to conditions over time, and that being on the safe side of things we should salt. But one thing we should do is make an effort to dump snow into the lanes to narrow them, as a road diet on Doyle is definitely needed. 

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