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Council President Luis Aponte on Parking

Thank you to Sam Bell for bringing this to my attention.

Council President Aponte:

"If we can find ways to move people around in our city without additional parking, we should look at that."

Catch the full interview here. The key part comes up around 4:19.

It's my hope that Council President Aponte will strongly consider a parking tax as a way of dealing with the surface parking problem, rather than any subsidy to parking garages as has been the case in the past. A parking tax will make surface parking unviable, and then people will make decisions about how to supply parking (or not supply it). The plan will raise money for our city that can be repurposed to lower taxes for all other properties in the city.



  1. Council Pres Aponte was suggesting in that interview that the streetcar plan would help reduce need for surface parking. Since it duplicates existing bus routes, the streetcar would do nothing to change parking demand.

  2. That's the correct full context of the quote, and I agree with you. The streetcar is inadequate. And one way to make sure the streetcar stays inadequate is to add parking (either surface or garages) around it so that people don't use it.

    I'm hoping the Council President will understand the importance of land use to making this area important, and this first comment doesn't mean he's gone all the way, but it does mean the wheels are turning in his head.