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As We Continue Our Conversation on RhodeMap

Tom Sgouros wrote a great piece on RI Future explaining the hypocrisy of the rightwing around exclusionary zoning. I just want to throw it back into the conversation what Dan Harrop had to say about this topic:

Harrop ran for mayor of Providence on the Republican ticket, and is the chair of the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity, the rightwing group attacking RhodeMap. RICFP has not been as honest with the issue as Harrop has.

A little context for these remarks: Harrop has said that he does not support RhodeMap, but also thinks the local zoning laws it seeks to replace are exclusionary social engineering. While he chairs the group, he's also said that the group does not necessarily have to follow his views.

Still, going back to the original conversation, it's interesting to see the wedge that exists within this supposedly cohesive movement. I wish more people would pick this up for the important story it is.

Thanks again to Dan Harrop, a classy Republican who may not always agree with me, but who has been honest and forthcoming in discussions.


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