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Some news submissions

From Citylab, and via our friend Barry Schiller:

If you're an employer in a major metro area, it's in your best interest to offer a commuter benefits plan for every worker, regardless of their preferred travel mode. That typically means free parking for drivers, subway or bus pass programs for transit riders, and secure bike storage as well as maybe showers for cyclists. This seems only fair, like a bit of a win for everyone involved. 
Thing is, commuter benefits for everyone can end up being a loss for the city itself. That's because the lure of free office parking is so great that it not only neutralizes the other benefits, it actually entices some commuters into their cars and out of the alternative mode they might otherwise prefer. So what looks at first like a balanced policy in fact ends up favoring drivers—and that means more traffic for the whole city.

From The Whole Sky, a blog on parenting, via Alex Krogh-Grabbe, a Providence resident:

Speaking of weird free passes that we give cars, people seem curiously unconcerned about new parents driving. Sleep deprivation impairs you like being drunk. After four months of poor sleep, I don’t always feel confident in my ability to navigate stairs, let alone operate a motor vehicle with my child in it.

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