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Transportation Alternatives Committee Meeting

Barry Schiller would like you all to attend the upcoming Transportation Alternatives Meeting. I'm going to make it my personal mission to bug and cajole as many people as I can to show up--so beware! I'm coming for you!

Barry says: 

The Transportation Alternatives Committee meeting at 6:30pm on Thursday, July 24 at the DOA building. 
Though Sue and I are on the TAC to speak about this, they are used to us, so I urge others from the bike community to come and show support for Transportation Alternatives and bike programs, both on-road (part of complete streets, signage, lanes, sweeping, traffic safety enforcement...)  and off-road (e.g.  to get paths to the core cities & Narragansett Beach, make connections, Aquidneck...)   Remember, public comment is allowed at the start of the meeting and on any transportation topic at the end.
Please come to the meeting! 

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