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Nice Try, But No.

I appreciate the thought behind posting a speed gun on Service Road 7 to remind motorists both of the legal speed limit, and inform them of their actual speed. So far, my observations of the effect this has on motorists haven't been too optimistic, though. The only time when people approach the speed limit is when they're stopping for a red light. The rest of the time their speed is around 40 mph, which is way too fast for a neighborhood.

This video is from Waterfire night, and is taken from in front of the police station--if people speed with impunity there, where won't they speed?

The only way to stop speeding here is to reduce the number of lanes, and reduce lane widths. The service road is not part of the highway, it's part of our neighborhood. If it's designed to make people go fast, they will.


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  1. That video also shows pedestrians crossing against the light. But it's hard to blame them since the crossing signals are a joke in Providence. Half the time they don't seem to work right or at all (population control?).