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Broadway Double Protected Bike Lanes?

Time and again, people have really made a strong point that the service roads create an obstacle to properly implementing protected bike lanes on Westminster. So we could try doing Broadway instead.

This is what it would look like:

Protected bike lanes can also be put side by side, like this, and I like that too because it's possible to put tree cover in:

Westminster has very low parking occupancy (just above 10%) and for much of its length is near Broadway. So Westminster's problem of not having enough parked cars against the sidewalk to calm traffic could be improved by this plan.

Also, as a neighbor on a side-street like Tobey, I have to say I like the fact that people will walk past my house to get to their car. The streets are too empty at night, and having some pedestrians will make them safer. One of the few times I get this community feeling is when people get out of a Columbus Theater show and walk up and down the street to get their cars (or bikes, or just walk home. . .). Having this circulation past things on foot is also one of the things that converts people in their cars from one-stop shoppers (or even through-drivers to somewhere else) into people who will stop at a restaurant, take a look in a shop, etc.

This is also a great plan because like the previous one, it adds parking to the service roads, and that will help calm traffic, encourage people to visit from the growing downtown (and visa-versa), and replace the lost parking spots. 


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