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Thank you, Narragansett Wheelmen!

I apologize for it having taken me a couple of days to acknowledge it on the blog, but I want to send my public thanks out to the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen for their generous $1,000 grant for printing of materials related to our organizing. As I juggle my many paying and unpaid roles (hint: the ones that have to do with transportation are all unpaid) I'm really excited that NBW has been able to support our work in this way. We also won $100 additional money for development of our projects.

I'm looking into putting advertisements on the website, and to starting a sustainership program, because I'd like to spend more of my time working on this stuff and less time doing odd jobs and so on to pay the bills. Perhaps this is a bit more transparent than usual, but I think I see the steps as:

1. Figuring out a "fiscal sponsor" for 501(c)3 status (also, figuring out whether what we do is too political to be considered a 501(c)3, but as I understand it, I think it qualifies, since we don't endorse candidates, raised money for parties, etc.).

2. Coming up with a list of donors (maybe that's you! And if you're willing to donate before we've got official tax exemption, all the better! Email us at transportprovidence@gmail.com).

3. Figuring out a plan for ads that doesn't dilute content. The ads are also going to require a little boring training time on my part in the mechanisms of blogger, so that's probably the biggest thing slowing things down.

I'm happy to take feedback on this process from people either privately or in the comments section. And you can also tweet at us at @transportpvd.

Thanks again, NBW!


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