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RI Future: Wake Up the Filibuster, Sheldon!

Some of even Robert Moses' dreams never came to pass.
Robert Caro wrote a Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Robert Moses, the architect of America's love affair--err, broken marriage--with cars. He also has written several of an ongoing series of multi-volume bios on President Lyndon Johnson, who Caro portrays as a conniving, manipulative, conservative force in the Senate before changing course wildly to become the father of the Great Society and Civil Rights Acts, among other things. So he's the perfect person to listen to when thinking about how the Senate can deal with the transportation mess we're in.

I wrote a piece working off of this clip, advocating yet again for Sheldon Whitehouse to up the ante on the tactics used to stop climate change. The all-nighter that he and several of his colleagues recently did, making speeches about the importance of the issue to me comes off as way short of the mark, and I think it only gets as much praise as it does because we're way behind on addressing this global existential problem. I think we need to look at the free-spending ways of Robert Moses and the obstructive ways of Lyndon Johnson to understand what can and should really be done about climate change in the Senate.

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