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No Salt!


I took this on my phone during the last snow storm.

I thought it was interesting to see how having snow layered on the ground affected people's driving. Streetfilms already talks a good game about sneckdowns, but what about a street just not being plowed very well?

This is #40mphWestminster, a street I've documented a lot while living in Providence. These cars are going significantly more slowly and turning with more care than they usually do (article, see Westminster section). When the plows came through a second and third time later on the day of this video, the cars started going faster again, because the pavement had been brought to bare asphalt again.

A lot of safety ideas for highways don't work on local roads. For instance, wider lanes, straighter paths, and fewer visual obstructions are all things that have been shown to reduce harm on highways, but those same things have induced speeding on local roads.

There's a salt shortage, and Providence is out of salt. The next shipment won't be for a week. I predict that this is good news for safe driving, as far as local roads go. Of course, all bets are off on highways. Unfortunately I think this will be a bad thing for safety there.

As far as sidewalks go, I think this will also be bad. But there's not much worse it could be. . .

Thanks RIDOT: Westminster into Olneyville during last storm. (Let's see if it improves).

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