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Wisdom of the Snow.

From my walk home: Methinks they didn't take the advice. (These cars were going around 15-20 mph, tops).
Via The Projo, we came across this tweet from the Rhode Island State Police:
Wouldn't it be great if we had a tool for signaling to drivers when the best times to travel were? Oh, it's such a shame that we don't have such a tool. What would it be called?

Oh yeah, road pricing.

Turns out the snow has a lot of wisdom for us. Streetfilms already coined the term "sneckdowns" for temporary neckdowns on residential streets created by snow drifts.

Snow is demonstrating how road pricing works too. Since a road is free at the point of use, there's no informational feedback about when traffic is the worst. Congestion pricing not only works to switch some users (video) to other modes of transportation (bikes, transit, etc.) but also more often acts as an incentive to change one's route or time of travel while remaining in a car (this link has the added advantage of giving the reader a bit of a giggle at Chris Christie being used as an example of a firm leader doing what he has to do to restore order to the roads, not to mention calling transit "social engineering", despite this and this. Hey, you take the support where you can get it. . .).


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