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Some Mayoral Leadership

In the past few days, Brett Smiley has asked to be added to our email newsletter, and Jorge Elorza has signed our petition for protected bike lanes on Westminster Street. We also got the chance to work earlier in the year with Michael Solomon's office to discuss pedestrian safety issues.

I'm finding this mayoral race to be a hopeful thing. Let's see which of the candidates can outshine the others on biking, transit, and walking! We've got some worthy contenders.

I wanted to post the petition comment by Jorge Elorza, who appears to be an underdog in the race:
  • When I lived on Harkness St. on the West Side, I biked downtown using either Westminster or Broadway every day. The streets are not safe and I nearly missed being hit several times. And, once I reached downtown, it was a hassle to find the right place to "park" my bike. But, I enjoyed riding (in the summer and through the winter) because Providence is the perfect size for biking. As Mayor, I will enact transportation and zoning policies with people and bicycles in mind, not cars and highways!

    That certainly captures the imagination! A mayor who used to bike everyday! We've gone from Buddy Cianci, who ignored biking, to Mayor Taveras, who gives it some attention, to the point where we have a candidate who treated it as a main form of transportation (we ain't making any endorsements yet, but that's pretty nice).
  • I'm going to make an attempt to translate the petition into Spanish today, since I'm at home for the snow. I'll try to repost, and if anyone wants to spread and/or critique my translation, that will be welcome (hopefully I won't tell anyone that that they're embarrasada or something like that. . . ).

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