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No Entiendo la Hipotesis Sapir-Whorf

My article on why I think we should have multilingual zoning in Providence:

It’s appropriate the zoning should be discussed in light of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, because it developed out of the practical considerations of daily life, rather than as some kind of abstract intellectualism. Sapir was a linguist, but Whorf was just an amateur who worked in insurance. He kept going to the sites of burnt factories to find that workers had lit their cigarettes around “empty” gasoline barrels. Whorf had an Aha! moment, and decided that this idea of “empty” shaped the workers’ views so deeply, that they couldn’t understand that an empty gas tank is more explosive than a full one. Zoning, like building insurance or safety rules, would be more effective if all of the people who used it could quickly understand what it means.
The rest of the article is at RI Future


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