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Re: Zoning, The East Side Tunnel, and GCPVD on Flooding

Ted Nesi reports on our friends at Cluck! who this blog took a role in defending during their zoning approval. Cluck! was also a key participant in Park(ing) Day. Nesi uses Cluck! as an example of how zoning related to mixed-use, re-use of abandoned properties, and parking minimums have created obstacles to growth in Providence.

An article on The Projo explores the governor's ideas about the East Side Tunnel, which has been closed off since the early '90s. The governor wants to use the tunnel for transit, and idea we approve of.

Chafee's ideas about building feeder parking lots for park & ride are not something we like. The tunnel might also better be put to service as a bike tunnel, because less infrastructural investment and upkeep would be needed. The tunnel would help people from the East Bay avoid hills as they come through to Downtown. There's been some interesting interaction from the business community, with Patrick Anderson from Providence Business News also criticizing the governor's proposal:

Such a proposal might look like Maastunnel in Denmark (excuse the untranslated Danish. The video is what's most helpful).

Greater City Providence has been having a great ongoing discussion of the tunnel. Today on Twitter, Jef Nickerson, GCPVD's editor, shared an older submission from their blog that talks about the folly of parking lot-oriented development near watersheds. We hope the governor will keep that in mind as he moves forward with plans.


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