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Pleasant Valley. Discuss.

A reader who is working with us on Park(ing) Day shared this news with us via the mayor's website:
Traffic plan changes are scheduled to take effect on Pleasant Valley Parkway on Tuesday, September 10. Motor vehicle traffic on the Parkway from Rosebank Avenue to Fallon Avenue will become one-way on both sides of the park median to improve safety for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians in Providence's Elmhurst neighborhood. . . As part of the joint project between the City of Providence and the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, curbing and landscaped traffic islands will also be installed to improve safety at the intersections of Pleasant Valley Parkway and Rosebank Avenue and Pleasant Valley Parkway and Fallon Avenue. In addition, a bike lane will be striped along Pleasant Valley Parkway, north of the park median from Rosebank Avenue to Jastram Street and south of the park median from River Avenue to Canton Avenue.
Bike lanes.  Definitely a plus.

Pedestrian improvements, check.

How do people feel about the one way conversion? This is not a road I use a lot, although I think I've been on it once or twice, and not being in Providence at the moment, I can't personally go check it out.  Do people feel this would cause speeding problems? Multi-lane one ways are not always highly recommended by all pedestrian and bike advocates.

Tawk amongst yerselves.


  1. Being a resident in the neighborhood and a frequent jogger and driver on Pleasant Valley Parkway, converting it to one way is a major improvement. Currently, the road has no sidewalks and is only wide enough for 2 cars. Often, there are cars parked on the road which causes people to drive or bike into oncoming traffic or pedestrians. Once the road has a bike lane, it will only be one lane of cars going one direction ... much easier to navigate as pedestrian!

  2. I have to agree with Vada, and add my experience as a cyclist commuting to work from 2011 to 2013 (Academy Ave/Smith St area to ALCO complex @ 555 Valley St). For me, Pleasant Valley Pkwy was the best route to avoid the hills between the Valley and Elmhurst neighborhoods. It really was the most "pleasant" part of my commute. In general, I did think the road was too narrow to accommodate both 2-way traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists. But I rarely observed much vehicle traffic during rush hour (City must have actual traffic counts right?).

    The most dangerous part of my commute was crossing and traveling down Chalkstone Ave around Davis Park. No shoulders and speeding traffic. Valley Street was a cakewalk compared to Chalkstone. I usually rode on the sidewalk or through Davis Park.