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Thanks to the Office of Healthy Communities!

A before and after gif by Streetsblog Network of Cleveland,
demonstrating how parking (negatively) affects our
If you're going to dish out the criticism, you have to offer praise for a job well done, too.

The City Department Office of Healthy Communities did an excellent job writing a letter to support Park(ing) Day, including providing a Spanish version. I like their translation of Park(ing) Day. I was originally going to do El Día de (A)Parque(ando), which is roughly like The Day of Parking (Park), although "to park" is aparcar, so the conjugation and spelling would be a bit off with my choice. The city used El Día Estacionar(Arte), which is The Day to Park (Art). Thanks to Ellen Cynar and Eric Weis for getting this to us, and special thanks to Azada Perin, who put all the work into the translated version.

Please feel free to share either of these to help explain the concept of Park(ing) Day to businesses in your neighborhood.  

Small Error:  An employee from the city writes us to say that Healthy Communities is an "Office" of Mayor Taveras' administration, rather than a "Department", the distinction being that to be a full-blown department entails a great deal more status and support.  In any case, the Office of Healthy Communities seems to be doing good work.  Perhaps they should get that promotion, already!

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