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Suburbs Are Dead When Fortune Magazine Says So


Westboro's housing developments
Banks usually have the worst magazine literature in their lobbies, but not today.  Today I was in my bank, waiting on line and going through the magazines when I saw that Fortune Magazine had the leading story "The End of The Suburbs?" It's part of Leigh Gallagher's new book The End of Suburbs: Where the American Dream is Moving. I think it's a good read and particularly interesting to me since they highlight the story of a Westboro, MA woman and her coming to terms with the true nature of her suburb.  I grew up going to Hebrew School in Westboro and always thought it had a beautiful downtown.  The older part of town is densely developed.  There's a train line going into Worcester and Boston, there's a town green and the high school is a few minutes walk from restaurants and coffee shops.  It's that kind of place.  However, the town has also sacrificed much farm land for new development sprawl and precious downtown real estate for parking lots.  It's that kind of suburb.  The link only has part of the story for free, so I suggest you pick up the print magazine to get the whole story.

Downtown is dotted with parkinglots

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