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Have a Safe Ride Home! Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July from Transport Providence and Recycle-a-Bike!

Make sure to tell the mayor that you want more bike valet services at events like the 4th of July fireworks, Waterfire, and the Farmers' Market!

You can also contact the Office of Arts, Culture & Tourism to let them know how important this is, and to thank them for their support at this event.  Please address your praise to Deborah Dormody.

You can also thank Legend Bikes for their continued support of Recycle-a-Bike, since they helped us get the cart that we use to truck them around.

Bike parking is a good thing for the city.  Bikes take up much less room than cars.  This seems obvious enough.  But really, look:

If you sat in traffic leaving the fireworks, there was a reason!  And luckily, because fireworks are a family event, many of those cars may have even been full, but usually we ride our cars around with only one person in them! (You can also see how much more efficient a bus is with space).

A business can fit up to twenty bikes in the same space as one car, providing at least four times as many customers per space, even if we generously assume every car is a full one.

The State of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations just spent $3.1 Million for surface parking near the State House.  While one parking space averages about $15,000, the average bike parking facility costs in the low hundreds of dollars.  Temporary bike stands like the ones provided by Recycle-a-Bike cost about $2 per bike for a four-hour event.  Usually half of that cost is taken in upfront from the event, and half is sought through voluntary donations from people who park their bikes.

Happy riding.  If you want to reserve valet service for your event, you can contact Recycle-a-Bike at valet@recycleabike.org.

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