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And Then There Were Two.


Park(ing) Day is growing.  

Drake Patten of Cluck decided today that she will join Fertile Underground and our blog in supporting Park(ing) Day.  Park(ing) Day has celebrated the repurposing of community space to non-auto use on six continents since 2005, but will be in Providence for the first time this year.

Patten's community farm-supply business raised the ire of a small but vocal group of property owners earlier this year, catalyzing a much larger and broader array of community support that culminated in the zoning board granting her business the right to open.  Participation in Park(ing) Day on Friday, September 20th shows yet one more way that the business intends to improve upon the abandoned and drug-addled gas station it replaced.

Please follow CluckRI on twitter and facebook to hear more updates about Park(ing) Day plans and other community events at Cluck. 

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  1. This story made national press on Streetsblog Network, which to me is better than getting nominated for an Oscar (Now, on to getting a headline article up there, instead of just being in the line up. . . ;-)).