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A Note on Gender Equity and Organizing

Rachel & one of our friends from Philadelphia, Paul Glover, the inventor of Ithaca Hours


I want to just say as a small note that I get a lot of the credit for running this website, but that Rachel does at least as much work as I do.  In addition to her excellent photos, which I would never be able to match, Rachel suggests many of the stories, does a lot of networking with businesses, handles the facebook and sometimes the twitter, and more or less subsidizes our work by working much longer hours at her job than I do--i.e., leaving me to do the glory work of writing pieces.

I bring this up because I notice sometimes that supportive reposts of things we do say "Contact James Kennedy" or "Look at the great work James Kennedy is doing", etc.  I really appreciate these supportive reposts, but it aches inside me every time knowing that Rachel isn't getting the credit that's due to her.

Please recognize Rachel Playe for the excellent work she does.

There's a long history of women not getting credit for what they do within organizations.  Everything from the the fact that there's a MLK Day but not Fannie Lou Hamer Day, to stories of women being stuck doing the hardest but least rewarded work within activist organizations, and so on.  It's really important to me to recognize Rachel's work.

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