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Tweed Ride PVD

A participant of the Tweed Ride crossing the Point Street Bridge in Providence this past Sunday.


WE HAD A GREAT TIME AT the Tweed Ride this weekend.  James worked the Recycle-a-Bike valet service (email) while I sipped lemonade and ate PVD pops.  What was most exciting about the event was the feeling that biking is finally becoming part of the culture in Providence.  When the RISD Museum wanted to bring their Dandy exhibit to the streets, they teamed with the Tweed Ride to get people there.  Police escort transformed the usually car-stacked ride from Harris Avenue to the East Side into a calm and enjoyable one.  The contrast on the Point Street Bridge was clearest.  No longer were there whizzing motorists on their speedy way to I-195, and we could enjoy the view of the water fully.  

I hope that rides like this one can turn many casual recreational riders into daily commuters. 

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