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Women Who Bike

Stephanie is the first in what will be a series of Providence women to be photographed and interviewed by Transport Providence co-editor Rachel Playe.  Women Who Cycle will focus not only on daily bike commuters like Stephanie, but also on those who would like to bike but find themselves frustrated by road safety or other issues.  

Advocates have highlighted that the gender parity of who bikes in a city is a good indicator of how safe that city is to ride a bike in.  Cities like Amsterdam boast rates of female cycling above 50%, while even strong American biking cities hover around only 1/3 of bikers being female.

More interviews and photos to come!  Contact Rachel Playe  if you identify as a woman and want to participate.  Remember, we want to hear from people at every point of the comfort spectrum.  What are your joys of biking?  And what frustrates you?  

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