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September 20th Is Park(ing) Day in Providence

PARK(ING) DAY is a yearly event that started in 2005, which has now spread to every non-Antarctic continent on the planet.  It is a celebration of public space.  Park(ing) Day's temporary nature allows us to experiment in the here and now with our grandest ideas for what could be in the future, but without the expense and red tape of waiting for City Hall to do it.  Putting a physical, tangible idea in people's hands, even for a day, does much more than talking about that idea ever could do, and often accelerates permanent change.

Last year's Park(ing) Day was a huge success around the world.  Rebar, the group that created Park(ing) Day, has created a presentation of people's Parks from 2012:

Being West End residents, we want this event to shine the most in our community (in other words, Eat It, East Side!).  So we'd like to see the event's center-of-gravity be at businesses on Broadway, Westminster, and in Olneyville Square.  There are some obvious shoe-ins that we know will jump on this like the Fertile Underground, Dash Bikes, and Recycle-a-Bike, but virtually any restaurant or storefront on these streets would benefit from the extra attention from the public.  We'd love to find ourselves this September eating tacos outside of Mi Ranchito in our own umbrellaed parklet.  Even non-commercial spaces like the Olneyville branch of the library, PASA/HUB, or the WBNA could get involved.

There's a whole spring and summer to put together the parklets, so let the competition begin!

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