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Other Ways to Support Cluck!

This from Eat Drink RI:
Cluck! is in need of a zoning variance for the life of the business only to open. We’re asking that you help support Cluck! with an email and/or phone call, and, if you’re a resident, attend a meeting in support of Cluck! Drake Patten, the creator and driving force behind Cluck! (and outgoing Executive Director of The Steel Yard) has offered these suggestions on how to let the city of Providence know that you support the business and would like to see it open at 399 Broadway. From Patten:
  1. Call Mayor Angel Taveras’s office at 401-421-2489 and leave the following message: You are excited about the blighted property at 399 Broadway put back into use as as business supporting urban farming. You understand the owner is having difficulty with a small group of neighbors. Please ask the Mayor’s office to assist in supporting this small business getting its doors open.
  1. Email the City of Providence Planning and Development Zoning office to voice support for the business. The Director of Zoning, Peter Carnevale’s email is pcarnevale@providenceri.comEmail is important so it can be read into the record. If you also wish to call Carnevale’s direct phone is 401-680-5376
  1. Folks can come to the WBNA Community Development Committee meeting on Tuesday, December 11, at 7 p.m. Cluck! will present their plans to the CDC for their consideration. The WBNA meeting is at1560 Westminster St.
And of course, see you all SUNDAY AT 9AM IN THE CLUCK PARKING LOT AT 399 BROADWAY.

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