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Eco RI: West Enders Cluck Approval for Farm-Supply Store


We covered Cluck! for Eco RI and had a good conversations with both the large demonstration of supporters and the much smaller group of people on the other side of the street who were against.  We found the points of view of both interesting, even though we obviously favor opening Cluck!.  In particular, the parish's concern about getting better access for elderly worshipers to their church rang true, and we hope that future articles can address ways that Providence's transportation infrastructure can improve for seniors.

Go Eco RI directly for the article.  Below are some more pictures that Rachel took from the event.


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  2. Eco RI link glitch :
    "West Enders Cluck Approval for Farm-Supply Store"  (eco RI news blog post, 14 Apr. 2013)
    [They moved it from "front-page-journal" to "green-economy".]